How to take care of my plant

  • u/takecareofmyplant is a bot that will interact with this subreddit to take care of my plant
  • Every morning, at about 8 AM PST, the bot will make a new post asking if people want to water the planet
  • In that daily post, you can comment with `yes` or `no` to vote on whether we should water the plant that day
  • Every evening, at about 6 PM PST, the bot will tally the votes from that day's water thread. /u/takecareofmyplant will comment on your vote to let you know it's been counted.
  • After counting the votes, the daily water thread will be locked and unstickied. /u/takecareofmyplant will edit the thread with results, and a link to the PLANT CAM where you can watch a livestream the watering, if that's what the subreddit has decided to do!
  • Feature Requests
  • There's lots of other stuff to consider when taking care of plant (probably), but I don't know what it is.
  • Posts in this the subreddit that start with `Feature Request:` in the title will be similar to daily water threads, in that requests that have a majority of `yes` votes in the comments will be emailed to me and I'll do my best to incorporate them.
  • You can also hit me with an issue or a pull request on github
  • Diagram