A lot of people have been asking about what I used to set this all up.

The code is, of course, free. Some of the other stuff, though, costs money (I don't make the rules)

This is **literally** everything you would need to replicate this project.

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The Raspberry Pi is the brains of the operation.

You can view all of the plant's code on github.

The code is set up with PRAW to post in a subreddit, and then go and tally votes in comments of that post.

The Pi's onboard GPIO is what communicates the results to the outside world.

This IoT Relay lets you switch AC power on/off with the Pi's signal out of the GPIO.

This is AWESOME and setting it up was super easy.

Seriously, this thing is magic if you want to control real appliances with a Pi

Breadboard and jumper wires

How you wire everything up

This is the pump the Pi controls via the IoT relay and some tubing.

It's super low power, so if you want a bigger reservoir, get a bigger pump.

Totally sick mason jar + extra lids

You want extras because you will make mistakes